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It's Spring, and Time for PTSA Basket Bingo Again!

posted Apr 15, 2009, 3:25 PM by HSS PTSA Webmaster   [ updated Apr 15, 2009, 3:44 PM ]
The next round of Hayfield Secondary PTSA Basket Bingo is set for Sunday, May 3. Tickets are $15 (ticket order form attached below). The PTSA needs your help. 

First, each Middle School Team and each High School Grade has been assigned a theme (see below). The items will be collected from April 15-24, a drop off box is located in each Lead MS Teacher’s room and each HS Hall Office. We need each child to bring in a new item towards their theme. These items will be used to stuff the baskets so we need everyone to participate. 

Second, we are asking families to sell as many tickets as they can to their family, friends and neighbors using the attached ticket order form. 

Third, we need volunteers to help with the following: bingo number board, check-in, selling raffles, specials, extra bingo cards, and clean-up. 

Fourth, we are looking for items, services, business or monetary donations (Avon, Creative Memories, Southern Living, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc). We are also looking for families interested in sponsoring a basket ($50-$100 donation) or families interested in filling a basket with items. 

The money raised from this event will be used to support the Academic Boosters, High School Academic Letters, Middle School Academic Pins, Faculty Mini Grants, Leadership Training, Newsletter, Face to Face Program, Theatre IV Program, Science Fair, Middle School Talent Show, Reflections, and Middle School Teams. If you are interested in making a donation, helping with this event or have a question, please e-mail me at: aawitt@cox.net or call 703-971-0890. Thank you for your support!

Gail Witt

Team/Grade Theme Ideas

Snap Dragons (Ms. Couture):  Baking Measuring cups/spoons, cake, cookie & muffin mixes, icing, muffin pans 
Nightshades (Ms. Rash):  Aromatherapy - Anything that smells good - Candles, bath beads, perfume, shower gel 
Venus Fly Traps (Ms. Sims-Cornish):  Chocolate Lover’s Dream - From M&M’s to Godiva!!
Chili Peppers (Ms. Wilson):  Junkaholic - All kinds of junk food – chips, pretzels, fritos, soda, candy, etc.
Tasmanian Devils (Ms. Hammond):  Bath & Body Bubble bath, sponges, shower gel, bath beads, soap, shampoo, rubber duckies, etc.
Phoenix (Ms. Schumacher)
:  Gourmet Coffee & Tea Coffee, tea, mugs, cookies, coffee beans, coffee filters, pirouettes, gift certificates, etc.
Gryffins (Ms. Karaffa)
:  Barbeque Gloves, tongs, recipes, sauces, hickory chips, apron, hat, paper plates, etc.
Pumas (Ms. Lawhon)
:  Kitchen and Cooking Kitchen tools & gadgets, cookbooks, placemats, tablecloths, measuring cups/spoons, etc.

Freshmen (Madison Hall)
:  Pasta - Spaghetti sauce, pasta, noodles, cookbooks, parmesan cheese, etc.
Sophomores (Washington Hall)
:  Picnic - Plates, cups, napkins, knives, forks, spoons, tablecloths, recipes, apron, sauces, ant spray.
Juniors (Lafayette Hall):   Beach & Summer Fun - Beach towels, pool & beach toys, goggles, suntan lotion, beach blanket.
Seniors (Hamilton Hall)
:  Americana (Red, White, Blue)  Anything Red, White and Blue or Patriotic.

Items will also be collected during the High School Back to School Night on Thursday, September 25 at the PTSA Table
HSS PTSA Webmaster,
Apr 15, 2009, 3:44 PM