The next HSS PTSA monthly meeting is scheduled for 
Thursday, September 13th 
at 6:30 p.m., in the MEDIA CENTER. 


Interested in joining the PTSA? Please complete our 2018-19 PTSA Membership Form, and follow the instructions on it for submitting your membership fee.

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HSS PTSA Monthly Meetings
2018 - 2019

HSS PTSA Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in the Media Center (library), unless otherwise indicated.

 September 13, 2018
 October 11, 2018
 November 8, 2018
 December 13, 2018
 January 10, 2019
 February 14, 2019 
 March 14, 2019
 April 11, 2019
 May 9, 2019*
 June 13, 2019

* Location TBD due to testing.


The Hayfield Secondary School (HSS) Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization committed to supporting and providing those resources that help all Hayfield Secondary parents, teachers, staff and students meet the school's stated mission -- which is to provide a strong academic environment to meet the educational needs of a diverse school population where academic success is paramount, as well as to maintain and enhance a learning atmosphere of respect for self and others. The HSS PTSA's affiliation with state and national PTA organizations, as well as its authority, purpose and other organizational policies and procedures are defined in its bylaws.

What's My Membership Pay For?

The PTSA supports a wide variety of programs at the school that benefit your students, faculty and staff. The PTSA also publishes a Student Directory that is available with your membership dues. Some other programs include:

  • Teacher/Staff "mini-grants"
  • PTSA student scholarships
  • High school academic letters & pins
  • Middle school academic awards
  • In-school programs & presentations like:
    • Theater IV program
    • Face to Face program
    • NOVAM presentation
  • HSS Science Fair
  • Teacher/Staff appreciation week 
     and hospitality expenses
  • One-time or occasional donations 
     to other HSS initiatives or HSS organizations
  • PTSA website expenses
Please complete our 2018-19 PTSA Membership Form, and follow the instructions on it for submitting your membership fee. It's an investment that you'll be glad you made.

HSSPTSA Executive Board 

The following slate of PTSA board members was elected to serve for the 2017-2018 school year. As you can see, we have some vacancies for the coming school year. If you have experience or are interested in helping out with one of these positions or related PTSA committees, please contact the PTSA president, Purvis Dawson, for additional details.

President Heidi Frego
1st Vice President (HS) Maryanne MacVicar
2nd Vice President (MS) Gwendolyn King
Treasurer Rosalynd Keys
Corresponding Secretary Karen Harrell
Recording Secretary Bob Williams
Membership Co-Chairs Betelhem Mekonnen

Dallas Moore
2019 ANGP
(All Night Grad Party!)
Hospitality Co-Chairs Julie Uyen Do

Tarnesha McCrary
Acadmic Boosters/Mini-Grants,  Scholarships Chair Amy Zirkle
Band BoostersLori Graziano
Choral Boosters
Drama Boosters
Orchestra BoostersAndrea Gurrola
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Chair Paul Otto
eScrip/Boxtops for Education Chair Alisa Biache
Fundraising Chair Available

Volunteer Coordinator Available

Legislative/Advocacy        Available
Reflections Chair Dorothy Andrews
Web Site/Communications Daria Bergen-Hill
HSS Teacher/
Staff Liaison

SGA Reps Maggie LeGendre

Cece Lamoreau
HSS Principal Martin Grimm
Immediate Past President Purvis Dawson

HSS PTSA and FCPS Calendars

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