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NEW Feature To Debut By End of November: "View from the Back 40"

posted Nov 8, 2010, 6:43 PM by HSS PTSA Webmaster   [ updated Nov 22, 2010, 7:08 PM ]
Hayfield Secondary is situated on land that George Washington once bought to increase the size of his famous Mount Vernon estate, located several miles to our east on bluffs overlooking the Potomac River. When Washington purchased this remote parcel of land in 1761, he used it as his hay field (after which our school, the nearby subdivision and this general area is named), and he eventually sold this far western parcel of 360 acres to plantation manager for further development. (For a brief but rich history of the Hayfield area, please visit THIS excellent write-up by Dr. Dennis Pfenning, a 30-year teaching veteran of Hayfield Secondary.)

Over the years, farmers and land owners alike have often referred to their most undeveloped or most remote parcels of land as their "back 40 acres" -- in the example above, George Washington very likely considered the Hayfield area we know and love today as his "back 40."

A new semi-regular feature will mark it's debut by the end of November in Hayfield Secondary PTSA's online Hayfield Happenings newsletter that highlights Hayfield Secondary faculty, staff and students from a different perspective -- and not necessarily within the walls or confines of the HSS campus. This feature focuses on the undeveloped areas in our lives -- and what our school's outstanding teachers, staff and students are doing to learn, grow and excel beyond that "undevelopment." Watch this space for more details in just a few days!