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REMINDER: Important Information Regarding Bus Route Changes

posted Sep 10, 2010, 7:00 AM by HSS PTSA Webmaster
Effective with the start of the 2010-2011 school year, FCPS's transportation office will eliminate the following school bus stops:
  • Kingstowne Village PW & Alderman Dr
  • Kingstowne Village PW & Taliaferro Wy
  • Kingstowne Commons Dr & Abbottsbury Wy
  • Kingstowne Commons Dr & Gadsby Sq
  • Kingstowne Commons Dr & Park Village Dr
  • Hayfield Rd & Les Dorson La
  • Hayfield Rd & Rock Cliff La
  • Hayfield Rd & Spring Faire Ct
  • Manchester Bv & Rock Ridge La
  • Kingstowne Village Pw & Ellingham Ci
  • Kingstowne Village Pw & Joust La
  • Kingstowne Village Pw & Bradmore St
  • Summer Ridge Rd & Edgeware La
  • Summer Ridge Rd & Darby Towne Ct
  • Summer Ridge Rd & Wescott Hills Wy
  • Kingstowne Village Pw & Edgeware La
  • Kingstowne Village Pw & Ians Wy
Students currently transported from these locations have a suitable walking route with no unusual hazards to Hayfield Secondary School. Students living at addresses 6343 -6382 Alderman Dr will be provided transportation.

This action is being taken with the concurrence of the school safety specialist, Ken Campo. The installation of walk/no walk lights at the intersections on Hayfield Road that necessitated the placement of the existing stops are complete. The neighborhoods are within the 1 ½ mile walking limit established by FCPS regulation 8617.

Questions may be addressed to Marlene LeNoir at 703-446-2150.